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I've seen over and over how this single action has had the most impact on improving the health, energy, sleep quality, and cravings, both in my own weight journey, and in the journey of all those I've helped achieve Weight Wellness.  

So I've put it together in this free 5-Day Sugar Detox so you can experience what is possible for yourself!

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By the end of this sugar detox, people have started noticing the change in their mood, energy, skin, or even the number of aches & pains they have.

Included in this 5-day Sugar Detox and complimentary "Success Manual", you'll get:

The 5 steps to successfully eliminating added sugars from your diet.

How to spot hidden sugars snuck into products by food corporations... even the so-called "healthy" or "natural" brands.

My 10 top tips for cutting out the added sugars, and sticking to it.

Fast and easy low-sugar snack ideas to keep you satisfied, including the natural sugars in whole fruits and veggies.

Daily coaching podcasts, supportive texts, and resources, to make this sugar detox bulletproof!

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There are countless reasons to eliminate added sugar from your diet:

  • It saps your health
  • Contributes to a growing waistline
  • Leaves you feeling tired, moody,and blah
  • And it fills your body with empty calories that can make you feel like you’re riding a blood sugar roller coaster.

And that roller coaster has the potential to end up in calamity, as too much sugar leads us down the track headed for disease.

This challenge is about eliminating ADDED sugar from your diet.

This does NOT include natural sugars, like those found in whole foods like fruits and veggies, and all those valuable nutrients and fiber.  

Eliminating the added sugar quickly leads to noticeable changes because they have such an immediate impact on our biology compared to eating whole foods.

See what detoxing added sugar for just 5 days can mean for you:

Heather Hammerstedt MD MPH

Founder of Wholist, Speaker, Coach, Physician

I’ve watched my friends, and myself, struggle to figure out what the “right” thing to do is with nutrition and weight management.  

The amount of noise and conflicting advice was overwhelming, and we all felt confused and shamed by our “willpower” issues around food.  

So I dove deep into the latest science and mindset techniques to find a process that worked with our natural biology and psychology, without restriction and starvation.  

Real, delicious food and mindset techniques that created lasting lifestyle change.  

I started sleeping better, focused better at work, lost the last bit of weight and at 40 found my best body and fitness.  

And now I share everything I've learned and continue to learn with the rest of the world every day.